How to Stop Feeling Lonely

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It is not uncommon to feel lonely after divorce. You have gone from a built-in best friend to go out with and share your life with, to a very quiet house without anyone to talk to. This can be made even worse if your children are gone on weekends or have already moved out of the house.

Keep reading to find out How to Stop Feeling Lonely When Single, especially on Saturday nights.

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Daytime TV shows and women’s magazines tend to make it sound like you have to have a romantic partner to live a full and happy life. This is incorrect, you do not need someone else to fulfill you! I actually HATE the phrase “he completes me”.

You can definitely enjoy a fun and whole single life without a romantic partner. Use this alone time as an opportunity to grow, reflect, and connect with yourself. Learn to find your own joy and fulfillment without relying on someone else to make you happy.

Things like engaging in solo or group activities that you enjoy and feel passionate about. Finding a hobby, spending time with your family, or volunteering locally. Make your weekends happier and more productive. Use these tips to transform those lonely Saturday nights into your favorite hours of the week.

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The Social Solution

  • Call a friend. Connecting with friends that you may have lost touch with can help alleviate feelings of loneliness.
  • Invite a friend or neighbor to walk with you every few days. Switch up your routes and time of day, a change of scenery can distract you and help dull the ache of loneliness.
  • Look for online communities to join for gaming, movie buffs, book lovers, and other things you’re interested in.
  • Do volunteer work. Browse online for volunteer listings or community groups related to a cause that you love. Teach English to recent immigrants or play with puppies at a local shelter.

Human beings are social animals, we are not meant to always be alone. Extreme loneliness can lead you down a dark path if you allow it to. Get out and do something, anything that will help lift your spirits.

Benefits of Exercise

Grab you walking shoes and a friend to help with your physical as well as mental health.

The Solo Solution

  • Develop a hobby. Learn to play the piano or sculpting. Artistic endeavors help you express emotions without (spoken) words, which is helpful if you struggle to share them aloud.
  • Continue learning to stimulate you mind and give you something to focus on. Sign up for cooking or photography classes at a nearby college or learn a foreign language online.
  • Get your body moving. Lack of time is a common reason for not exercising. Spend your extra free-time visiting the gym when the pool is empty and there are no long lines for the leg press machine.
  • Take some me time. Put on your pajamas and watch old movies, listen to your favorite music or give yourself a pedicure. It is not selfish to pamper yourself every once in while.

Spending time doing things you enjoy can create a sense of normalcy, grounding you and helping you find some inner calm in the middle of turbulent times.

The Romantic Solution

  • Set some goals. Use this time to figure out what you really want. Identify what you’re looking for, or not looking for in a future partner.
  • Tell your friends that you’re ready to move on and that you are open to introductions. They may know someone they think is a good match that they want to set you up with.
  • Go online. There are several dating websites from that will match you up with someone based on interests and hobbies or even spiritual beliefs. Create profiles and contact members at a few sites that match your interests, and see what happens.
  • Get out of your house. You’ll meet more potential partners if you spend less time in your living room, and more time in public places. Go to an art museum, jazz concerts or just run some errands while taking some time to notice who is around you and maybe start up a conversation.
  • Allow these new connections with others to evolve over time, and don’t feel like you have to force things. Have patience, and give your relationships time to develop solid foundation.

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Final Thoughts

In time you will look forward to Saturday nights whether you’re relaxing at home or going out on the town. When you focus on enjoying your own company and making strong connections with others, the loneliness will fade and you will start to enjoy each weekend to the fullest.

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